Independent, Owner’s and Engineering Services

Consulting Engineers

Power Generation - Gas turbine, Combined Cycle, CHP, IGCC, Thermal plants, Fuel cells,  Recip Engines, Wind, Solar 

Energy Storage - BESS, CAES, other

Biorefineries - thermochemical, gasification, pyrolysis, ethanol, methanol, DME, FT liquids

Fuels/Feedstocks - algae, biomass, coal, natural gas, LFG, LPG, HFO/LFO, LNG, digester gas, MSW

Thermal Energy-  Steam/water, boilers & HRSGs and HRUs, chillers

Peformance - Energy Audits, Sustainability, Efficiency and  Availability/Reliability Testing

DER - Microgrids, Emergency Power, Standby, Black Start, Grid Modernization, Distribution Automation, DERMS, Integration, Smart Grid, Grid Restoration

Development and Due Diligence Support

Owner's Engineer and Independent Engineer
Project Development and Due Diligence

Project Development - Selection Site Selection, Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering Studies, Plant Performance Modeling, Project Capital and Life cycle Cost Estimates.  Support in contract development and negotiating, implementation planning, finance support including Proforma development, risk assessments.  

Project Execution Support -

During project execution we provide engineering review services, and project execution oversight.  

 Due Diligence - We perform due diligence on projects and technologies.

Business Consultancy and Innovation Services

Business Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Innovation, Innovation, Accelerator, Incubator, Executive coaching

Management and Strategy - Product and/or Service  Portfolio Extension and Optimization,  Geographic Expansion, Business and Strategic Planning, Alliances and Joint Ventures,  Startups; and New Initiatives including Accelerators and Incubators.

Business Excellence: Lean Six Sigma, Transformation, Process Improvement, and Operations Strategy.

Innovation Approaches: 

Business Model Canvas

Lean Canvas

Stage Gating

Prospectus/Pitch Pack

Blue Chip