Microgrid Solutions

Global Imperium Group (GIG) experts have experience designing nearly every type of microgrid.  We can lead you from initial concepts to a final full functioning microgrid.  

Utility Microgrids – GIG experts have designed microgrids that have utilized a section of the transmission grid as well as microgrids that encompass a portion of a distribution system.   The microgrid controllers have communicated with the utility DMS and/or DERMs system. In addition to Regulated Utilities, GIG experts have designed microgrids for Municipal, Rural Cooperatives, and other Government-Owned Utilities.   

Community/Institutional/Campus Microgrids– These microgrids may have zero, one, or multiple points of common coupling with a local utility.  Typically, these microgrids support sustainability by employing renewable energy resources (e.g., solar and/or wind) and battery energy storage systems.   Also, some microgrids have combined heat and power (CHP) systems.  Separate billing for individual buildings and areas is often a requirement.   

Commercial/Industrial Microgrids – Three key drivers for these microgrid are typically 1) lowering the overall cost of electricity, 2) improving sustainability, and 3) increasing the resiliency.  These microgrids are often behind the meter microgrids which can speed the development of these projects.   Mission Critical Facilities and Data Centers maybe be included in this group and are excellent microgrid candidates.  Some industrial microgrids have high process heating or cooling loads which are ideal for CHP applications.  GIG is a part of the US EPA CHP Partnership program.   

Military Microgrids - These microgrid features include stringent security shielding and hardening as well as resiliency requirements.

Remote Microgrids – Remote microgrids maybe either grid connected or islanded.  For grid connected applications, the microgrid is often driven by the need to improve resiliency and a microgrid is a better than enhancing the power lines to the site.  Island microgrids typically employ renewable energy and BESS to lower the cost of the energy as the fuel costs tend to be high.

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If you are needing assistance in your microgrid application or need more information,  contact Global Imperium Group for assistance.